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Thanks for the memories.

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Episode 3.6 – Kat & Tessa Nerd Out

Today on Lemurs and Meerkats, there were no Y chromosomes in the fishbowl.  It was really weird.  So, Tessa and Kat nerded out about girly stuff – like Star Wars.  Did you know Tessa has a lightsaber above her fireplace?  Or that Kat has a secret love for Wookiepedia?  Well, now you do. 

We talked a bit about International Women’s Day – it was the sort-of serious moment of the show.  And, for a change, no apologies were needed!  Hurrah!  Although, I think we did ask Hayden Christenson to apologize to us for what happened in “Attack of the Clones”, even after viciously mocking him.  Whatever, he had it coming.  Hope you enjoy this weeks episode, available FOR FREE here.  Even Admiral “It’s a trap” Ackbar recommends it.

May the Force be with You,

Kat & Tessa

PS: Mr. Darth, Consuela is still waiting on the Windex.  Might want to hurry up on that one.

Episode 3.5 – Kat & John stop practicing safe radio together

Apparently Kat’s obsession with practicing safe radio with many different co-hosts has finally had an effect on real life.  John has now moved out of Kat’s radio land and is looking for his own show.

To be fair, John was also recently discovered in the closet with Brad Pitt, shortly after covering Lauren’s epic rolling of the rim to win.

Yes, it was just another week on Lemurs and Meerkats.  On a somewhat more serious note, we talked about our favourite Olympic moments, riots we remember and/or have partaken in, and played some tunes.

Hope you enjoy the show.  You can download it here.

Cheers & Unicorns & Pretty Things,

Kat, Lauren, and John

P.S. We take back our apology to Quesnel.  Quesnel should apologise to us.

Episode 3.4 – We swear we weren’t baked out of our trees

The night began with the possibility of no visiters.  Ha!  Before we got halfway through the show, old L&M friends-of-the-show Tess, and Bryce were on hand.  Bryce brought another guy, he was cool too, but kinda quiet.  Sadly, Tate ditched out due to apparently having a hot date.  Whatever.

We talked somewhat seriously about the Olympics for a bit, but then that all degenerated into the randomness that you should have come to love, and expect from us by now.  To enjoy the randomness, please click here.

Love & Unicorns & Skittles & Special Cookies to make it all fun,

L&M + special people

PS – I know this is late going up, STFU!

Episode 3.3 – Kat says “bitches” lots & other stuff

And by other stuff, we mean vulgar stuff.  And some news.  And nerding out.  Cuz that’s kinda how we roll.  And off course, apologies like always to the people/things/inanimate objects we offend.

Bryce came to hang out on the show.  Hence the vulgarity.  And the ADD.  And other, um, things.  Yeah.

Anyway, podcast is here.  Makes more sense if you listen, bitches.

3.2 – Random, just Random.

We rocked it – again.  Guests Geoff Tate and Tessa Cocchio came in and chatted with hosts Mike & Kat again.  It was good times.  There was a whole bunch of randomness, and a small bit of serious stuff.  Like tuition, and fees, and services being cut at NAIT.  Actually, it was kinda depressing.  On the bright side, Alice in Chains was played.  Oh, and Mike talked about Dion Phaneuff.  That in itself was…um…special.

Next show will likely feature more guests from NAITSA, cuz that’s pretty much how we roll here on Lemurs and Meerkats.  For the full podcast of the show, check out right here!

Episode 3.1 – The Early 90’s

OMG kids. We had a real celebrity guest in today – NAITSA president Geoff Tate came and joined the show. Also, Lauren J. from such show’s as “The Scene” hung out for the first 30 minutes. It was epic. You can listen to the podcast here. And you better. Because, like we just said it’s fricken epic.

There wasn’t a lot of news discussed, but if you want to know about the racial implications [or lack thereof] of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, this is definitely the show to catch. On a slightly more serious note, here a few news tidbits from Edmonton over the past week.

-It may not sound like a big deal, but the urban design team has finally been chosen for Edmonton’s new downtown plan. The focus of the plan is to create a fun, pedestrian-friendly downtown core for Edmonton. The NAIT LRT line will factor heavily into design considerations. The Capital City Downtown Plan should be ready to go to city council by summer.

Patrick Clayton, the man accused of holding up the Workers ’ Compensation Board building last fall, has been denied bail. Clayton took nine hostages last October 21st in a standoff that lasted ten hours, ultimately ending peacefully. He will be back in court February 3rd to enter a plea for each of the charges against him, which include nine counts of unlawful confinement.

In American political news, the Republicans won a Senate by-election in Massachusetts. This almost surely adds another vote against healthcare reform in the United States. The Massachusetts seat was held by the late Ted Kennedy, a leading voice for public healthcare in the United States. Massachusetts has not elected a Republican to this Senate seat since 1972.

The Olympic torch passed through the Rocky Mountains and into beautiful British Columbia. At the border, former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed passed the Olympic flame on to Wally Buono, head coach and general manager of the BC Lions football club. With two weeks until the 2010 Winter Olympics, the torch’s record setting journey is almost over, ending with its arrival at the opening ceremonies on February 12th in B.C. Place Stadium.

Eckville, Alberta native Melissa Hollingsworth won the overall World Cup skeleton title for the second time in her career. Hollingsworth won her first World Cup back in the 2005-06 season, en route to winning bronze at the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics. Hollingsworth is looking forward to improving on this finish in the Vancouver 2010 Games.

For the first time in their history, the Edmonton Rush lacrosse team has more wins than losses. They beat the Buffalo Bandits 11 – 7 on Saturday night, leaving them with an early season record of 2-1.

Catch us next week, with more “special” guests, 5 PM, Monday, on NR92 just click the “listen live” link.

[Insert ridiculous sign-of slogan of your choice],

Katharine H. Geoff, Lauren & Mike [by proxy]