Episode 3.6 – Kat & Tessa Nerd Out

Today on Lemurs and Meerkats, there were no Y chromosomes in the fishbowl.  It was really weird.  So, Tessa and Kat nerded out about girly stuff – like Star Wars.  Did you know Tessa has a lightsaber above her fireplace?  Or that Kat has a secret love for Wookiepedia?  Well, now you do. 

We talked a bit about International Women’s Day – it was the sort-of serious moment of the show.  And, for a change, no apologies were needed!  Hurrah!  Although, I think we did ask Hayden Christenson to apologize to us for what happened in “Attack of the Clones”, even after viciously mocking him.  Whatever, he had it coming.  Hope you enjoy this weeks episode, available FOR FREE here.  Even Admiral “It’s a trap” Ackbar recommends it.

May the Force be with You,

Kat & Tessa

PS: Mr. Darth, Consuela is still waiting on the Windex.  Might want to hurry up on that one.


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