Episode 3.4 – We swear we weren’t baked out of our trees

The night began with the possibility of no visiters.  Ha!  Before we got halfway through the show, old L&M friends-of-the-show Tess, and Bryce were on hand.  Bryce brought another guy, he was cool too, but kinda quiet.  Sadly, Tate ditched out due to apparently having a hot date.  Whatever.

We talked somewhat seriously about the Olympics for a bit, but then that all degenerated into the randomness that you should have come to love, and expect from us by now.  To enjoy the randomness, please click here.

Love & Unicorns & Skittles & Special Cookies to make it all fun,

L&M + special people

PS – I know this is late going up, STFU!


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