We’re baaack….

That’s right, all you radio boys and girls.  We’re back, meaner, grumpier, and more jaded than ever.  Oh, and we laugh more.  Don’t worry, ’tis still all fun.

Check out the newest episode of Lemurs and Meerkats here.  We promise a huge half hour of awesome.

Speaking of awesome, check out Mike’s new “other” show, Scottish Gravy, and Kat’s new “other” show, The Scene.  I [Kat] am pretty sure I can promise you nothing but more awesomeness on both these shows.

Lastly, for those of you who are around the Blind Duck next Thursday the 24th, or perhaps Oil City, watch out for NAIT’s RTA [ReallyTotallyAlcoholic] students taking part in the time-honoured tradition of “meet the firsts.”

All for now,

Unicorns, sparkles, and other unabashedly ridiculous things,

Kat [Mike by proxy]


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