L&M – Episode 10 – First time back

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages….

The Circus, better known as Lemurs & Meerkats.  Is Back.

Kat & Mike brought you hockey, News, and a Movie Review this past week…if you missed the show. [It was at the ungodly hour of 11 AM on a Saturday], then check our podcast here.  For more detailed versions of the stories we covered, that’s what this silly blog is all about.

Coming up next week, Kat was at the Pride Parade…she’ll talk about that, Mike will talk sports – like tennis & Roger Federer, and then the usual randomness that you know, and hopefully have grown to love.  This time, we will drink coffee, and maybe we will wake up prior to the show ending….nah.


  1. H1N1 Virus @ NAIT.  Check out the campus’s action strategy here, and look for updates online at your student portal.
  2. Friends of Medicare:  More about the New F.O.M. Campaign from Executive Director David Eggen Next Week.
  3. Calgary Officer Charged:  A Calgary Police Officer was charged with trying to have sex online/meet online an individual under eighteen years old.  More from canada.com.
  4. Khat Bust: A man is being charged with one count of trafficking after close to twenty pounds of the drug Khat was found in his Grand Prairie home.
  5. Zoompass: Bell, Rogers, and Telus are launching a mobile pay service that allows users to download it, and use Zoompass similarly to the way Pay-Pal is used.  Files from the CBC.
  6. Bill 44: Albertan educators may already be feeling the ramifications from bill 44 – which makes it possible for parents to remove their children from classes if/when topics surrounding religion and/or sex come up in the classroom.  Back on June 3rd,  children in a grade seven were pulled from a presentation on sexual harassment and assault by the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton.  See prominent Progressive-Conservative Blogger Ken Chapman’s take on Bill44 here.
  7. Edmonton Growing Younger.  Latest Census data from Edmonton shows most people who moved here were between 25 and 34.
  8. Guantamano Bay/Fox News:  PM Harper chose to appear on FOX News to talk about “Gitmo”, and the troubles that will face Canada and the United States Due to Protectionism on both sides of the borders.
  9. Alberta Caps Claims on Soft Tissue Injury.


  1. Election: Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff will decide Monday, June 14th whether or not to bring a vote of non-confidence against the government, after the release of their second fiscal update.   If the Liberal Party does decide to force an election, this will be the fourth election for Canadians in just under five years.  [And for Kat, on a personal note, the fourth in two years…]
  2. Iranian Elections: Check out the Huffington Post for video feed, or CNN.com for more breaking news.
  3. Nova Scotia Elections: Hell Hath Frozen Over…the NDP formed government in a second Canadian Province.  The other being Manitoba.
  4. Lisa Raitt:  Taped  with former aid Jasmine McDonnell discussing how Raitt thought that Environment Minister [and Calgary MP] Jim Prentice tried to move money dedicated to wind farms into the Clean Energy Program. [Kudos to Aaron Hay for passing on this story]


  1. Penguins Win!  Hurray for Nova Scotia….in more ways than one.  Seriously.
  2. Fight for the control of the Pheonix Coyotes
  3. Hershey Wins AHL…but, Manitoba Moose Fans give a standing ovation to their team anyway.  Why both Kat & Mike think Winnipeg deserves an NHL Team.
  4. Formula One Racing: FIA + Ferrari = Fight
  5. Tennis
  6. Blue Jays
  7. World Cup of Soccer
  8. Toronto FC’s Turf to become real grass – possible that the club may cover the bill.
  9. Edmonton Eskimos – First game is against the Rough Riders.  Go Esks Go!

Thanks so much for tuning in and visiting our site – we’ll have sexy photo’s from the Pride Parade, as well as Kat doing her first sports story next week.  Frightening, right?

Cheers to Beers,



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