L&M – Episode 8 – Hangover Edition

It has occasionally been said that “RTA” stands for “Really, Totally, Alcoholic”.  Given the content of tour April 18th show – available here – we’ll leave you to judge for yourself.

A few things we [Katharine] missed covering are the ongoing protests in Afghanistan surrounding the so-called “rape” law the Hamid Karzai/Northern Alliance/NATO Installed government passed recently.  Last Thursday, there were protests in the streets between women who were against, and men who are for the law.  Ironically, approval of the “Mission in Afghanistan” seems to have plummeted since this law was brought forward.  *Surprise*  More info here.  And, of course, there was that weird story about a tree growing in a man’s lung.  In Russia a man who was thought to have cancer was brought into the hospital for surgery.  But instead of a tumor, the surgeon found a little tree growing in his lungs.  More info here.

Much kudos to Mike for bringing the news in a way Katharine didn’t even realize he could.  A few things Mike covered include forest’s losing their ability to “capture” carbon, U.S. President Barack Obama wanting to regulate CO2.  Of course, we covered the Pirate Bay founders bit of “difficulty”, and – somewhat related – the emergence of E-Books.  You have to wonder, could they be the next “big thing” to hit the torrent waves. 

In some local news, there was discussion about the new LRT expansions, and what that could mean for students at NAIT – particularly with a potential U-PASS referendum coming up. 

We did cover a bit of the election in BC – including the hate-on by prominent environmental groups towards the BC NDP, after leader Carole James promised to cut the “Gas Tax” introduced by the Liberal government.  More info here.  And we fought – a little about the pros/cons of the gas tax.  It was interesting – well, as interesting as we could make it given our limited capabilities that Saturday. 

Of course, there was some info about the Martin Rink being named “Team of the Year” by the World Curling Tour.  More from the Edmonton Journal

Lastly, we rounded  out the cast with some Health news, available here and here.

Lemurs & Meerkats will be around, live on NR92.com every Saturday @ 3 PM until June.  Then, we’ll move to podcast only for July and August.  Keep checkin’ back to catch the wackiest, factual-est, awesome-est newscast/sportscast/politics-cast/music show in Edmonton.




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