L&M – Episode 5 – The Two Hour Extra Special Edition of Awesomeness!

No more complex titles.  We appologize, but after an abso-fuckin-lutely incredible two hour episde, the creative talents were feeling tapped out.  Or fuzzy.  Something like that.

Anyway, our podcast is up, and we rocked the airwaves.  Personally I [Kat], would like to say thanks to Rogers for sponsoring – and Lamnya for organizing – an amazing Journalism Day.  I look forward to the next one like no one’s business.

As for what was on L&M this week…we covered lots.  Like Tennis, George Galloway, A conservative MP being pushed out by his own party, BC bud-bustin’, a chainsaw-wielding man, and so, so many other news, sports, and political stories.

We are, of course, always looking for feed back.  So please, leave a comment, spark a debate, one of us will probably start fighting with you – mostly for our own amusement and [for Kat], a need to prove myself right…often.

Thanks again for tuning in to Lemurs and Meerkats on http://www.nr92.com, NAIT’s campus radio & station for the students.  Check out our pod-cast, as linked above, and have a fan-fuckin’-tastic rest of the week.

Love, skittles, rainbows, puppies….and other cute, saveable annimals,



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