L&M – Episode 4 – Tongue Twister Challenge

Hello all L&M Boys & Girls. 

Thanks to those of you who tuned in to this weeks show, we think it was one of our better ones.  There was some ranting, by Kat, about Twitter, by Mike, about stupid people, and both of us about…well…each other.  A feature from thiw show, the “Tongue Twister Challenge”.  Listen to our show, and about half way through, is the Tongue Twister Challenge.  We are relying on you, our loyal listeners, to tell us who exactly won the tongue twister challenge.

Anyway, that’s enough of a pre-amble.  Here’s the show, unedited, and ready for your consumption.

And, of course, our poll.  Please vote.  There might be cupcakes, or something, for those of you who do.  In fact, there may even be lemony skittles.  Mike’s bringing them.

Cheers & Solidarity & Soliloquy’s,



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