L&M – Episode 3 – Third Time’s the Charm

Yes, it really is that time again, time for another update from the Lemurs & the Meerkats.  The third show featured a nail-biting game of chess-boxing between your co-hosts.  There was no outright winner of the chess-boxing…Kat won the boxing part, Mike won the chess.  There will be a tie-breaker next week…mostly because we are both ridiculously competitive…AND, you get to help us pick the tiebreaker! So vote in the poll below, or add in your own suggestions.  That’s right, we’re putting ourselves in your hands…so give us an entertaining [yet still allowed on nr92.com] challenge.

Anyway, enough of that drama, next week we promise to settle these differences, and the show will go on like normal.  Or, as close to normal as we will ever get.  On to the summary!  And, like always, our podcast is available online, and you’ll probably want to listen to it first, the links will make more sense, trust us.

News not in the Podcast:

Other News/Idea Sources:

Sports Links:

Until next week, ladies & gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed the third episode of Lemurs & Meerkats.  Thanks for checking us out online.

Cheers & Lemony Skittles,

L&M [M&K?] [K&M?]


4 responses to “L&M – Episode 3 – Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Go Mario Bros Competition! (Choose MarioCart for N64!)

  2. lemurandmeerkat

    lol, we have mario cart in the jock lounge. maybe…although, we’re aiming for something that neither of us have played before.

  3. lemurandmeerkat

    Tongue Twisters do seem to be winning, lol.

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