L&M – Episode 2 – We rocked this one

We realize that there is a lot of information in our little hour of sports, politics, news, and entertainment.  Actually, we don’t really like *entertainment* news…so you might get less of that here.  Unless Kat is ranting about how awesome MILK is, or a genuinely “cool” celebrity type does something other than fall over.  Point is, L&M brings the information to you, from nr92.com.

So, for those of you who need a refresher course after listening to our pod-cast, check out these links.  And yes, the following will make no sense unless you listen to the show first.  Trust us. It’s more fun to listen.



Silly Stories

Ongoing Coverage



Random Stuff Mike Found Online

Nerd Stuff

We know not all of what we talked about today is linked in the post.  Can you blame us?  We’ll come clean with you.  We improv.  A lot. The news is researched, the scores are correct, the weather is accurate – but the rest?  Well…you’ll just have to listen and be entertained. 




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