About L&M

Lemurs and Meerkats.  No, not a bunch of cute jungle animals taking over nr92, L&M takes a look at sports, news, politics, and pretty much anything else that comes to our minds. Don’t worry, it’s not just another hour of boring chit-chat…after all, who ever found improv, politician bashing, and laughing at Lohan sleep-inducing?

But seriously, entertaining interviews, up to date sports analysis, and a little news and politics thrown in on the side.  All specially gift wrapped for you with the L&M brand of humor.

Check us out broadcasting Tuesdays from 4:30PM – 5:00PM on the NAIT campus and online at nr92.com.  If you miss a show, check back to our online edition for a complete podcast of what went on that day.  We might just throw in a couple bloopers as a thanks for downloading Lemurs & Meerkats.

Hugs & Cheers,